Thursday, October 11, 2012

wall mail basket

Here is a basket I recently finished.  its called Americana Wall basket by NC Basketworks
there is the free link to the basket pattern.  I did not buy a ceramic buckle, but I found a thin wooden star shape in the right size at my local craft store so I drilled hole in it, then painted it.

 Tricky part was putting in the handle in the back without warping the basket or breaking the handle.
Ok it really wasn't that tricky but I had to be careful not to force it in too fast.
You could change the color of the basket and the decorative accent to fit what ever decor you like! you could do a red and green and attach a ornament to the basket and use it to hold Christmas cards!

Happy Weaving!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stadium Basket

Hi everyone! I'm back and I'm going to try to keep up with my posting! I have lots to share but I will start with this one!

This basket is called Stadium basket and it has a handle you attach with a screw on the rim so I'm assuming its pretty sturdy, and also the bottom is reinforced with 1/2" flat oval pieces.  The basket pattern can be found at Suzanne Moore's NC Basket Works.

couple things I found when making my basket was the base ended up bigger than her's she said 13 1/2 X 6 1/2 but mine was more like 13 1/2 X 6 5/8 to almost 7" even if it was packed tight.  some reeds are thinner and my reed I used was true to its  size so I think that's why there was such a size different.  I asked Suzanne and she told me that the most important part was when the top of the basket since you'll need to attach the basket make sure the top is about 10 1/2" and when I finished it was at 10 1/2".

The other thing is the reinforcement.  She adds them at the end but I think adding them to the inside of the base before or after  twining the base twice would be better because it won't show as much and it easier to insert.

here is what my bottom looks like.

close up of the handle, the handle package comes with screw, bead and a nut.  Make  sure you wet the rims well, drill and then attach the handle! 

all supplies needed can be found at  NC Basket works  or get  the full kit from them.  They don't do internet order yet but you can call them or send them a e mail and they will help you!  their turn around time is really quick and the  handles and supplies are one of the best I've found so far!!

Happy Weaving!!