Thursday, September 29, 2011

christmast basket

Hi everyone! sorry for the absence but our house was filled with sickies starting with the little man then I got sickie then the hubby... still a little stuffy but apparently not contagious.  Today I want to share with you a very cute basket I made but will not be showing you the one I made because I made a mistake and I don't want to show you so instead going to post the author's picture and post a link to her site where you can find the free basket pattern and pictures of this basket.  Juliana at A Hand Woven Life wrote the pattern and shared it on her website here is a link to the basket:  Jingle bell basket.  Juliana is very talented and a very good teacher! I visit her site often and learn lots of things from her! hope you enjoy the basket as I did though I will be redoing mine just because of the mistake I made... wondering what I did? well the basket calls for you to basically make 2 round base one natural color and the other one using red spokes.   When I put the two together to sandwich the bell, I put the red one right side on top and wrong side on the bottom so when I did the rim, it got hairy and yucky then I realized the mistake I made!

happy weaving!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Basket of Joy

 just about once a month Baskets ofJoy posts a free pattern and this pattern I got several months ago called Sunflower tote.  It is no longer available free but she has a kit available.  My version is little different since I used  blue and made these kitty and fish charms my self using air dry clay called Clayzee its soft when wet but when it dries it turns into rock like consistency. The company has different types of clay clayzee kids and I'm sure you can find it at your local craft shop or Meijer if you have one! that's where I found them at Meijer.  I got the Rock one and the Pottery one.  I haven't used the Pottery one yet but the way the Rock one turned out I'm sure it'll be pretty cool as well.  After it dried I painted it with acrylic craft paint, strung it with twine and tied it to the handle. cute right? 

Charms, buckles and buttons can be quite expensive so if you can find the air dry clays you can make your own charms and buckles, save some money and have a one of a kind basket charm! 

make sure to visit  often so you won't miss the free pattern! and when you get there don't forget to print it out!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Free basket patterns

Hi everyone,  Today I don't have a basket I made to share yet, I'm working on it, but I've started other projects that kept me from finishing the basket I originally wanted to share with you all so today I'm sharing a link to joannas collections  If you already know about it, think of it as a reminder to visit her site often to check on the monthly free patterns she posts.  Its only available during the month so when you see a basket you want to make in the future, make sure you print it.  If you miss it, you can purchase a pattern from her site.  This basket above, is free for August, today, Sept 4 it was still up there, but I would not be surprised if she post a new one soon so if you like it like I do print it so you can make it later! you can get her monthly pattern by going to her site She sells basket patterns, kits as well as hand woven baskets.