Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Basket
I was asked by a friend if her teenaged kids could make a basket  and I thought might be fun to see  what they would come up with so I came up with a simple base basket that they can weave with what ever color or size of reed they want.  I will share the simple base and you can make what ever you want with it.  its a basic woven solid base basket. 

My Basket

5/8 “ Flat (Stakes) Cut 14 @ 20”
3/8"Flat (Fillers) Cut 6 @ 14”
Choice of your weaver
3/8” Flat (rim row)
1/2” Flat Oval rim
11/64” or 3/16” Flat Oval (lashing)
Sea grass

Mark them all on the center and soak in water
Lay 7 of the 5/8” flat horizontally, then lay the 3/8" fillers in between the stakes matching at the center mark.

Take 1  of the 5/8" flat and weave in over the center mark making sure its weaved under the 3/8" filler and over the 5/8” stakes.

Weave 3 on each side and the base should be about 7.5”

fold over the filler and cut down the middle horizontally and tuck them in V shape

Twine once with  #3 round
Spray down base and upset stakes.
Start weaving with your choice of size and color

When you reach the height of your choice, add a rim row of 3/8” FF
Add 1/2 inch FO rim add sea grass or dyed round reed.
lash with 3/16 or 11/64 FO.

I did 
2 rows of 1/2" natural Flat Flat
1 row of 1/4"dyed Flat Flat
1 row of 1/2" dyed Flat Flat in contrasst
tripple twine once with dyed No2 round
1 row of 1/2" dyed Flat Flat in contrast
1 row of 1/4" dyed Flat Flat
2 rows or 1/2" natural Falt Flat
1 row of 3/8" flat flat as a rim row
rimmed with 1/2" dyed Flat Flat 
added seagrass and lashed with 1/4"Flat Oval.   

 Happy Weaving!