Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm back!!!

Where has the time gone?
I didn't mean to take the whole summer off!!
Its not that we went on a long trip or exotic vacation time just  kept on ticking and next thing you know it was September!!  I'm hoping to get back to swing of things and make more baskets, crafts and sweets!

Today I will share with you some of the things that I have made over the summer.

strawberry tartlet

Bacon wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
Ham and cheese Rolls
Bacon and Cheese Rolls
Custard Rolls
fresh strawberry roll cake
chocolate roll cake

more rolls
I drew a picture of my cat Tora to show my friends the kitty poop incident, he  is our old fat cat that had a little poop on his butt and jumped on our bed, sat down and well we ended up washing our bedding in the middle  of the night.

following night he was sleeping between my legs and decided to you know what, we ended up washing our bedding again.
earlier this summer my youngest son went to Ohio for hockey camp
Fourth of July dessert
blue berry muffin

Mont Blanc cake

its a cake with custard cream, whip cream and chestnut cream paste.  very popular cake in Japan

I started tatting, I'm still learning so there is lots of improvement to be made!

Blueberry double cream cheese cake
its baked cheesecake on the bottom, then blueberry compote topped with cream cheese mousse then covered with whipped cream.  decorated with fresh blueberry and pistachio
Mont Blanc cake version
Blueberry short cake
Amigurumi I made for my friend's birthday, its a creature with Shishidog head and snake body, I've been told it looks like Maggie from Simpson but its not.
more tatting, I made a bracelet but it ended up too long so and its perfect for my ankle.
white peach mousse cake

chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting
Piada opened here last month and the first 100 customer got a free Piada for a year (53 cards) I was number 27!!

helping make owl baby blanket for a friend

 Hard to see but more tatting bracelet its Os and Xs too cute!
 My oldest son wrecked my car!! Its been fixed and back home now
 My youngest getting his cavity filled, he tries to be tough but he gets a bit too nervous for the dentist
 newest amigurumi I made for a friend's birthday
its a pug!!

I've been busy this summer, I have cut down on some of my extra activity so I should be able to keep up with baskets and blogging!   Thanks for visiting!!