Monday, May 20, 2013

Flower Girl Basket

With or without a ribbon, I'm not sure which looks better but this is the newest basket I finished on Thursday.  My arm hurt so bad I wanted to cry but I got it done.  That night I realized why my arm hurt so bad.  It wasn't because this basket was so hard to make or because I used my arm excessively.  I think it was because my arm was feeling pretty good, I forgot to take my medicine for several days!   so I'm back on my celebrex to keep my arm calm.
This basket is again by Willowe's but for some reason I can't find a link to her pattern order page. If I find it later I will post it later.  But the shape is just like this ode to spring except this one is smaller.

when you look from the top its oval because of the handle you insert, it shapes it this way.  I think its very pretty and I plan on making the bigger basket, wondering if I could use a notched swing handle to get a similar effect.

Happy Weaving!

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