Saturday, February 4, 2012

adding accent colors

I've been making baskets but not from new patterns so I don't have any pattern to offer you but I  wanted to show you how you can change your basket's look by changing or adding accent colors.  You can make 2 identical basket and give it a different look just by changing the color or adding more colors.  (The bottom pic was taken before the feet, handle, and rim was put on but you get what I mean right?  Same basket with not only different color but added color weaver.  On the finished basket I lashed it with purple dyed) This is my grocery sack waste basket, Don't tell my mother in-law but I made this purple one for her.

This is picture of inside of my basket.  When I make solid woven base, I  personally like to do the chicken scratch, v tuck or what ever you call it.  I like it because I think it looks decorative even though its inside and not often admired but when someone do look inside I think its pretty.

Take these baskets, they are practically identical basket but by changing the rim (simple braid to regular rim) and adding spiral makes it totally different.

this is different basket pattern then the ones above but I wanted to show you the difference between the single color spiral and spiral using 2 colors. 

try changing the rim, add a curl, a spiral or just dyed weaver! its your basket do what you want to do!  Now that I'm done with my mother in-law's basket, I need to make 2 baskets to donate to my youngest son's school's silent auction.  I hope someone wants it.  Maybe I should put something in there.

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