Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rib basket

8" square melon basket with round handle

I'm currently working on a traditional 12inch melon basket,  a round rib basket.  Its really hard to find a free pattern/instruction on how to make a rib basket so I'm posting some that I found out there.  I'm actually using one of my old books I have titled "Rib Basket" by Jean Turner Finley which is still redily available on line (basket making supplies, amazon, etc)

Here is a link to a small egg basket free pattern

Here is a link to tutorial at handwovenlife .

The basket above was made using 1- 8" square and 1- 8" round hoop, # 7 ribs and 3/16 flat flat reed.  I was told to use #6 but all I had was #7 so that's what I used.  I used 6 pices cut at 13 1/2" and 4 pices cut at 12".  I used round as the handle and square as the rim. 

I've also made some 10"  round ones in the past using these specifications: 2- 10" round hoops, #6 or #7, cut 6 pieces at 15 1/2" and 4 Pices at 14". 

The current basket I'm making uses 1/2" flat oval as primary ribs and round reed as secondary ribs. I will make sure to take a picture when I'm done.  I thought it was done but I saw some flaws so I'm fiing it.  Also I'm contemplating if I should stain it or not.

happy weaving!

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