Monday, January 21, 2013

crisscross decoration tutorial

I made this wine basket after being inspired by a basket I saw online which I think it was a tote someone made.   (I will post the pattern for this wine basket soon)

my friend who lives  in Japan (Hi Mari!!) wanted me to show her how to place the crisscross decoration so I'm posting it here for everyone as well, in case you where interested.

first you'll need to finish a basket (I'm using this basket I made while ago just to show that you can put this on anything but it would look nicer if your basket has a larger dyed reed like the wine basket)

1. take a flat oval, 1/4" or smaller looks best! make sure you soak the reed real well!! then place it round side down into a spoke behind the stake/spoke like this on the right side.

2. then take the other end, making sure you don't twist the flat oval reed, skip the next stake/spoke and insert it next stake/spoke on the left side of the bottom of the boarder.

3. pull the reed through making sure its tight bend it at the stake/spoke

4. Then take the other end and making sure you don't twist it, skip the stake/spoke and insert it on the left side on the next stake/spoke on the top side of the boarder.s

5. pull through and repeat this until you come all the way around.

6. Now you insert the end on the other side where you started.

7. pull it through and cut while pulling so it'll hide behind the starting point.

 8. Now you pick a starting point for the cross portion.  start anywhere you like but start on the other other side.  I picked this stake no real reason why but it looked good as any other one.

9. basically you repeat what you did earlier with the criss portion. 

continue just like the first portion until you reach the end and insert pull and cut.
something to remember!! make sure that where you fold the flat oval, it is flushed the the lover weaver and its all uniformed and tight so it looks good! 

Happy Weaving!

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