Friday, January 18, 2013

Spring Fling

its been sooooo cold here in Indiana, I wanted to feel warm and springy so 
I made this basket from a full kit that was laying around since last year.  
I normally don't use kits unless I'm going to a seminar but I did have this one on hand.

full kit is available at  NC Basket Works

or you can get the free pattern click here for free pattern use your supplies at hand and just order what you need  like handles and ceramic tie-on.  
I know I mention NC Basket Works a lot but I am in no way affiliated with them or get any rebate or anything like that.  I really like their quality of their supplies and they have one of the best prices.  I really like that they give you free patterns as well so I want to support their business by mentioning their company since I do often use them to purchase my supplies.

if you are not familiar with these type of handles here are what you do:

once you finished the basket, (rim, rim filler and lashed)
carefully drill a hole on center of the rim and make sure you are centering the stake/spoke
( I  made a rookie mistake and drill at the wrong place but I fixed it, no problem)


 attach screw, bead, handle, washer, rim then nut.
 its a tiny nut, its hard to see but its there!!!
told you , I fixed the hole! now its in the correct place! 

attach the tie-on and its done!
 this basket is smaller than it looks!!! base is only 7"X4"!! 

Happy weaving!


  1. Hi. I have been following your blog for some time now. I was wondering if you could share what the baskets are on your home page. They are the brown and natural ones. They are very stunning baskets. I really enjoy your blog. I am a basket weaver as well and especially enjoy the posts about baskets. Thank you for any help you can be.......Happy New Year.........Maureen

    1. Maureen, Thank you for visiting! The basket you are talking about is called "rustic basket" it was made using a pattern from a old magazine called "craft works for the home" July 1991 issue. I can't print the pattern on here due to copy right laws. The best I can do for you is if you want to email me and I can email you a supply list of what I used, the size of the basket and the weaving technique I used.


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