Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look at what I made Thursday!

Today is Thursday, and that's the day I have my class.  So I'm going to make Thursday Look what I made Thursday and will try to post every Thursday a basket that I made and if its a pattern I came up with I will post the pattern and if its a purchased or a free pattern from the internet I will post where I got the pattern from but if its from my old binder I won't be able to post the pattern because of copy right law and such..

Here is my Halloween Square basket.  Its a little square and it comes in Handy.  Obviously  you can change the color and make it for Valentines,  St Patty's, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc or just your favorite colors.. use your imagination!!.

Reed (1/2", 3/8", 1/4" of flat, No.2 round, 1/4" and  11/64" or 3/16 of flat oval), fine fine cane.

Select 2 colors you like and dye color A: 1/4" flat oval,  no2 round,  1/4" flat, and Color B: 11/64" or 3/16" flat oval, No.2 round.  

Cut  and mark with a pencil at half point and soak in warm water.
1/2" flat 10 @ 14" (stakes)
1/4" flat  4 @ 8" (fillers)

Lay 5 of the 1/2 " flat horizontally,  then lay the 1/4" fillers in between the horizontally laid stakes matching at the center line.

Take 1 of the 1/2" flat and weave in over the center mark making sure you weave over the filler and under the 1/2" stakes.
Weave 2 more on each side and the base should be about 4"X4". 

Wet the base and fold the 1/4" flat filler towards the center of the base and cut the reed length wise  and cut to size and tuck under diagonal stakes (see picture)

twine once using no 2 round. wet and upset stakes.
start and stop weaving:
row 1: 3/8" flat natural
row 2 and 3: 1/4" flat oval color A
row 4, 5, 6: 11/64" or 3/16" flat oval color B
row 7 and 8: 1/4" flat oval color A
row 9 and 10 3/8" flat natural (weaver and rim row)
rim with 1/2" flat natural, add accent with 1/4" color A and Color B no2 Round.  use Color A no.2 Round as a rim filler and lash using fine fine cane.

Happy weaving!

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