Sunday, January 30, 2011


 Do you know what Quilling is? its also known as paper filigree any clue?
Berry Sampler
Berry Sampler close up

A to Z collection
This is Basic Quilling or paper filigree.  You take a thin strips of paper, (which is available at your local craft store or online) cut it into different length depending on what you are making and  roll it using special tool, and glue it to a board.  This was actually my very first Quilling project so I ordered a kit online and made this.  You can Google Quilling supplies and tons of stores that offer quilling supplies and kits will pop up or you can try couple of my favorite store I use.  Quilling Superstore and whimsiquills I like both store for different reasons so Google it and check out other store, you may find other stores that you like better.  Now I will tell you that doing this kit called Berry Sampler from Lake City Craft Company as a first Quilling project may bore you to death... I just about put it down and not finish because all it is is circle, circle, circle, and more circle with little of leafs and stems. I think the Alphabet Sampler or the Herb Sampler maybe a better choice for first project just for the fun factor.  I will also recommend that you pick a frame much bigger than your project and have a double mat cut and then mount it.  If you have Hobby Lobby, they have really affordable paper mat and if you need help they will help you pick out the colors and cut for you.  No matter where you go to get your project's mat, make sure you ask for the price in advance because some mat can be very expensive!!  Oh and the frame should be ones that are little thick so your projects don't get squished, you won't need ones that are thick like shadow box but some with space.  Here are some more picture of basic quilling.  This one is NOT the Alphabet Sampler, but  its A to Z collection Kit by Quilled Creations. Very cute but its half the size of LCCC's Alphabet Sampler.

If there are people interested in Quilling, and can't figure it out, I can do a tutorial so let me know!

What can you do with Quilling?  Its not just to put it in a frame, though its really pretty to look at  you can use it to decorate cards, scrapbook, ornaments, etc you can use your imagination and do anything you want with it! I made this card below for a friend's son's wedding. I think it came out really cute don't you?
Wedding card

 I put Japanese Washi paper on a plain blank card, then glued the quilling paper in the shape of a cake.  I wanted and filled it with loose circle then decorated with hearts, flowers and scrolls.

Next time I will post about advanced quilling. The miniature 3D and  fringe flowers! If you like the way the basic quilling looks, you will LOVE the advanced stuff!