Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Official first post

I first learned how to weave a basket in January 1997. Can't remember what date it was but when we lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina (my husband was a Marine until he retired several years ago so that kept us moving every 3 years or so.) I got one of those adult continuing education catalog from a local college and they offered many interesting things like furniture re-upholstery, ethnic cooking and basket weaving. I didn't need my furniture re-upholstered, I already cook ethnic (being Japanese and all) so I jumped at the chance of learning to weave baskets. Oh another good thing about this class was it was during the day!! granted most of my classmates where retired ladies I didn't care! So January 1997, I went to my class and made a square basket which I tell anyone who I teach to weave to do as a first project.

So now that its 2011 you'd think I'd be master of basket weaving... wrong.. I took some time off from basket weaving and last year I went to seminar and started weaving again. I guess in a way its like riding baskets.. once you learn to weave, you don't forget because I made this wonderful basket in about 6 hours
My instructor's name was Karen Griffith she has great kits and patterns if you want to check it out. She was a great instructor and gave me assurance that I can still weave baskets! So I stared weaving again, and several months later my friends asked me to teach them how to weave so I dragged my old books out and started teaching once a week. I now have 11 ladies who are hooked on basket weaving! I'm planning on sharing my crafting adventure here!

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