Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I admit! I've been preoccupied and did not post anything on Thursday or Friday!! I feel guilty!  What have I been preoccupied with?? Well, you see some of you know that I was born in Japan but was raised in Hawaii.  My parents moved us to Hawaii when I was about 8 years old.  My husband who is a Hoosier lived in Hawaii for many years thanks to the Marine Corps (that's how we met) so when we have snow cone here in Indiana we are always disappointed.   In Hawaii they serve something similar called shave ice, no I didn't miss spell, they call it shave ice not shaved ice.  I don't know why but that's how its called. The story is told that when the Japanese immigrated to work in the sugar cane field, they used their sharp cane knife and shaved a block of ice, sweetened with sugar syrup to cool off.  Some people have started a shop and continue to serve shave ice to this day.  Japanese sells these machines now that shaves the ice so fine, its like snow and I know for a fact that other Asian country have these desert as well. Though they put different topping on them, the ice is fine as snow and syrup sweet and tasty.  Anyway where am I going with this?? well the reason why I've neglected my blog is because, my husband I where talking about the shave ice we ate often in Hawaii and decided to see if we can find a home machine that shaves ice (I have my little hand crank one from Japan which is over 30 years old) but wanted something little bigger and automatic.  I googled and got a hit on Amazon!! very affordable, it is made in China instead of Japan but the review is good we decided to order it.

Well couple days later, this huge box came... I thought maybe the packed it well. 

I was wrong.. its HUGE... How huge you may ask?? its as big as the ones that stores in Hawaii had!! I put a mug cup from Starbucks to show how huge this machine is!!

I froze a block of ice and shave it!! it shaved like snow! so soft and fluffy!! 

 We ordered syrup from company in Hawaii to make it official.  I ordered label for them so we can pretend we are back in Hawaii !

I even ordered little flower cups just like the shop back home.. we did get it in green because my little one loves the color green.  Don't know why but its his favorite!

This is Melona cream flavored syrup.. its creamy honey dew flavor
this is the reason why I've neglected my blogging.. making syrups and making shave ice.  I will be back to earth starting tomorrow. I have lots to share with you!

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