Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spam Musubi

One of my favorite Hawaii born snack is Spam Musubi.  Spam is very popular in Hawaii and I hear they eat more than any other states.. They also started serving Spam at McD!!

I won't lie, I like spam. Its very versatile, you can eat it as breakfast meat,  chopped up and added in a fried rice, fried noodles, cook it with veggies like cabbage (one of my faves!!) my husband eats it in a sandwich.. not really a fan of that my self but to each its own right? well today I want to show you my most favorite way to eat spam! my sons too!! Spam Musubi!! what is Spam Musubi you may ask? Musubi is Japanese word for rice ball. so its spam rice  ball if you want to translate it. My son takes these to school and his teachers calls them sushi because they are wrapped in rice and seaweed but they are not Sushi because the rice do not contain vinegar. 

So this is what I do!

 This is not necessary but I love my spam slicer!! it looks like egg slicer but see the other pic. how big it is?

 you'll need to cut your spam with a knife if you don't have a handy slicer

 Pan fry it! until they are little golden brown.
a lot of my friends who do not have the mold, washes the spam can and use that as a mold, but I do have a handy mold so I'll use it.
You'll need seaweed and cooked Japanese white rice.  If you like you can salt the rice a little to taste.  You don't want it to be too salty so be careful not to over salt them!

get a sheet of seaweed

fold it half

 rip it into two pieces

wet your mold

 put the mold on seaweed

 add thin layer of rice press it down
 top it with spam, press again
 add rice and press again
 remove the mold
 remove the top

 wrap it with seaweed
 done! you can eat it as it or cut it in half!
 cut it flat
 cut it in angle

 its up to you!

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