Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Spice Board Part 3

I found these alphabet pasta at my local Mexican grocerie store, depending on if you color your board or not you can use it plain or color it like I did.  I used blue and red kind of Americana don't you think? I used a little bitty glue, and glued it to the little plastic bag but later I came to find out that placing the pasta on the bumply paper towel, I can paint them without using glue.  Also using tweeser to work them pasta is a plus! Anyway once the pasta dries, you can place them on the board.  I also used angel hair with the ABC pasta.
 glue cinnamon stick, glue what ever words you want to put on the board, use a little bit of glue.

Oh this is the glue I use!

these are little glass jar for doll house, I put some spices, sesame seeds in it and then cork it (comes with cork) then tie around the neck with a single strand of jute. 

Place the dry spices. I glued a jute to the board, then then used smaller chili peppers to make it look like a hanging chili pepper.
glue the clay items.  Then right before pouring the glaze coating I put the fresh herbs and you are ready for the clear coating!

different things you can do with the spices.

The clear coat can be purchased at your local craft store. Pour-on clear  you'll need the 8 oz box, something to mix with, a spoon, and a straw.  Pour in to a cup, mix it real well for 2 min then pour over the board.  Anything that drips down, you can scoop it and pour it back on the fresh herbs and area that needs more. use straw to blow on the little tiny bubbles in the glaze and continue to do this until it is all clear.  It'll take at least 24 hours to set but will take about 72 hours to cure.

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