Friday, July 1, 2011

basket I'm working on

Hi everyone!  yesterday I finished a small basket that I covered a glass jar and then started working on this cute basket and was hoping to finish and have pictures taken and blog written but with my oldest son getting in car accident, probably his car, wait my husband's car (its still in hubby's name) is totaled and now working with the insurance company to have this processed quickly to get him another car, and the 4th of July around the corner (hubby's family coming over for BBQ, Fireworks or and Parade) finishing outdoor furniture projects (post coming soon) and not to mention my 5 year old sitting on my lap and wanting to help and constantly asking me when we are going to see Transformer's new movie, I just don't see me getting the basket finished and posted so I'll give you a link to see the basket and later I will post what I  did different .

click here! I'm not doing it in Pine cone, I chose bee hive, its so stinking cute!  isn't it cute?

 Here are other ceramic sleeves available! You can change the color of the reed you use and have really cute basket of your choice.  I used black and yellow to go with the bee theme!

 Happy Weaving!

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