Friday, July 8, 2011

Bzzz bee basket

Last week I posted that I was working on a basket just like the Pine cone Centerpiece by Suzanne Moore but instead I was using the bee hive sleeve.  I finally finished it! and here it is! drum roll please.....

I did make a little mistake which I only noticed after I lashed so figured to forget I found a mistake.  Can you tell what I did wrong??? if you under the sleeve, you'll notice dyed row, then natural then sleeve.  you look on top of the sleeve, you'll see 2 natural then the dyed! yup I put one row too many!! oh well, Its my basket I'm keeping so I'm not going to unlash and do over, that's for sure!!

Ok so what did I do different then the pattern? for one, instead of natural stakes, I put golden yellow stakes on each side of the reed where the sleeve will be. 

and one more thing I changed was the back of the sleeve.  The instruction said to cut the insert reed at the top of the sleeve, but instead I wove it in and cut where it would not show. (if you make this basket you'll know what I'm talking about.  This way you won't see it.

This is my first basket using sleeve and this pattern you weave the sleeve into the basket.  I assume, you could attach the sleeve to the basket once its done, and change the sleeve to match the season like you would a buckle.  I've never done it so I'm just guessing, if anyone have experience with sleeves you can let me know if you can or not!  Happy Weaving!

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