Thursday, July 14, 2011

Door Basket

When I saw the picture of this basket, I didn't realize how thin it was.  After I decided to make this basket, and started cutting reed and reading the instruction, things started to be really confusing to me, because it seemed like there wasn't enough stakes, then I realize it uses a Tulip D handle as a base and that's the size of the base!! The instruction used brown and rust but I didn't have any rust colored reed...(I really don't know what color rust is.. is it orange or is it red??)  Anyway I made this and it screams Thanksgiving so I will be using this during Thanksgiving for decoration .. maybe put some flower in it? we'll see.. but here is a free pattern Autum Wall Basket at Bases to weave.  I'll post a update with picture later when I use this to decorate.. (ok if I remember I will post new pictures)

happy weaving!

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