Monday, August 29, 2011

Large hearth basket

This is a basket I made while back called Hearth basket.  you can add colors and or add basket charms or buckles.

its a simple basket to make so even if you don't have a lot of experience with basket weaving you can make this! 

Don't forget the D handles should not be soaked!! so if you need to wet the basket spray rather then dip in a tub of water!! I did that when I first started making baskets and was really sad when it fell apart and I was not experienced enough to figure out how to salvage it.  I now look back and think how silly, I could have shoved the handle back down and glued it !!! oh well, you learn from your mistakes right?
10X14 D handle
5/8 inch flat (stakes and weaver)
3/4 inch flat (rim)
1/4 inch flat (lashing)
No.2 round
Sea grass

Mark center of the handle
Cut 5/8” flat (mark all at center and write the length on ends)                                
                                                          9@ 27”
                                                          2@ 26"
                                                          2@ 28”

 (you can cut all pieces 32 if you don't want to keep track of what's what but it be wasting lots of reed)

Lay 4 of the 27” stake horizontally space them evenly about 1-1/2” apart, lay the handle over them, lay the remaining 5 pieces over the handle in between the spaces of the 4 stakes under the handle.
(if you want a solid woven bottom use 3/8” flat  8@ 19” then lay the filler reed under the handle spaced evenly, then lay the stakes over the handle weave, wet the filler cut down the reed long way fold over and  V tuck the ends then twine twice with no2 round reed)

Weave in vertically starting with the longest piece on each side of the handle until all 12 pieces are woven in (6 on each side)

Base should measure about 9-1/2”X 14-1/2
Twine twice using no2 round reed

Spray it down well and then upset stakes

Weaving 4 rows with 5/8” flat 

Begin weaving only the long side, fold the end behind the stakes so the ends are hidden.  After each row drop the ends and continue to weave this way until you wove each stake next to the handle. The last stakes that sandwiches the handle should be woven on the inside and fold over the front hiding the ends behind the handle.

Cut and tuck, trim the outside corners of the tucked stakes to give it more of a angle and it won't stick out as much.

Rim using 3/4" flat , inside first, wrapping around the handle, then outside wrapping the handle, insert sea grass, lash with 1/4” flat. decorate if you like! 

if you want to braid the top, instead of tucking twine 3 times with no2 or 3 round reed. then tuck all stakes, cut 44 pieces of 22" of no 3 round or 30" of no2 round depending on the type of braid you want to do.  I have 2 different braid tutorial on here!

**if my instruction is not clear please feel free to send me a note, I'll try to explain it better or take pictures of the steps!
 Happy Weaving!

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