Friday, October 21, 2011

black and white angel food cake

I wonder if you had a throw down between Paula Dean and Ina Garten, who would win? I know in a fun department Paula would win hands down.  Personally I think they are both great cooks but very different. Cooking with Paula would be like cooking with your aunt in her country kitchen having tons of fun while sipping on a ice tea and melting a stick of butter to put it in anything because butter just makes everything tastes good.  While cooking with Ina would be cooking with someone's aunt who have traveled abroad and has knowledge of different culinary styles and you would learn tons of new things.  I would love to cook with both of them!!! Psss if you know either of them tell them I want to cook with them!!! 

Why am I talking about them? well no real reason for Paula (I just love her) but today I'm sharing a cake I made using Ina's recipe that's why!  I normally have frozen egg whites in my fridge because when I make cream puff I don't want to throw away my whites so I double zip-lock it and freeze it.  I do write on the baggie how many egg whites are in there.  So when I thought about baking a cake, I naturally went to the egg whites and what kind of cake do you make with egg whites? Angel food cake! but I didn't want to make plain old Angel food cake so I did a little internet search and found Ina Garten's Black and White Angel Food Cake it not only has a chocolate glaze, there are shaved chocolate in the cake! YUM!! 

BTW I didn't have heavy cream for the glaze so I did another search for substitution and they (Joy of Baking) said to add 1/3 cup unsalted butter to 2/3cup milk to make 1 cup Heavy cream substitution. Here is a link to find Substitution.  Her recipe called for 2 cups super fine sugar but I think with all that chocolate, its too much so I cut it by 1/2 cup and used 1-1/2 cup of super fine sugar.  

Happy baking!

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