Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween party foods

Today I want share with you what I made for this year's Halloween party.

I try to find gross looking but tasty food to serve at our Halloween party.  

Yummy Mummy from  Rodes bread site but  I used my own dough.

 Here are some roasted hands.. actually its meatloaf. You can find instruction here at notmartha 
 better view of the hands
 speaking of meatloaf... how about some meaty feet?

Deviled Eggs

I made this egg in likeness to my 22 year old son

 Larva mini pig in a blanket

Pasta Salad
Halloween shaped Pasta from World Market

Lychee stuffed with blueberries

 cream cheese brain
(melt the cream cheese, color it, put it in a small brain mold chill until ready to use)
red stuff is triple berry and pepper jelly goes well with cream cheese and crackers

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