Thursday, March 3, 2011

Johnny be good!

Today I want to share my newest basket I finished called Johnny not because it was designed by or for a person named John but because its for your Johnny yes Johnny AKA toilet, porcelain throne, commode, head, or what ever you call it.   It was designed to go on top of your toilet tank.  You can put what ever you want in the basket but I decided to put some necessary items in here.. we have lots of people coming and going between my basket group and weekly craft crop, it made sense to have several toilet paper roll handy.

Johnny Basket

6"X10" D handle
3/4" Flat (stake)
no2 Round Dyed (color A) twine
1/2" Flat Natural (weaver)
3/16" Flat Oval Dyed (color A) Weaver
1/2" Flat Dyed (color B) Weaver
3/8" Flat Natural (Rim Row)
1/2" Flat Oval Rim
Seagrass (rim filler)
3/16 Flat or 11/64" Flat Natural (Lasher)

Cut 12 piece @ 21" long
         5 piece @ 31" long

Mark center on all stakes on the rough side.

lay out 2 of the 31" stake horizontally about 2 inches apart, put the handle over the center line on the 2 stakes, lay remaining 3 of the 31" stakes over the handle one on the center and one each on the other side of the 2 stakes under the handle.  Make sure they are evenly spaced.  Weave 6 of the 21" stakes on the each side vertically.   base should be about 6" X 16"

take the no2 dyed reed and twine around the base once as a keeper row.

make sure the stakes are wet, if not spray down well and upset stakes.

start and stop weaving : 3 rows of 1/2" flat natural
                                        3 rows of 3/16" flat oval color A
                                        1 row of 1/2" flat color B
                                        3 rows of 3/16" flat oval color A
                                        2 rows of 1/2" flat natural
                                        1 row of 3/8" flat natural (rim row)
cut and tuck as you normally do.
rim using 1/2" flat oval and lash with 3/16" or 11/64" flat making sure you X the handle and use a seagrass for a rim filler.

Happy Weaving!

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