Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picnic Basket and bonus Jelly Jar Basket

I happened to stumble upon this free pattern Northwoods picnic basket not sure how long it will be available, so if you want to make it, make sure you print it out NOW! The pattern I got was from a Weaver's stain archive, today I wasn't able to go there but found a different site that had the same free pattern so I put a link to there above.

The basket its self is not hard to make, it uses a square hoop as a inner rim so if you use it to shape the basket you should get a nice square basket.  Though it said you can get the lid/cover from Union Station Studio but I could no longer find a link to their store so I had to make my own and omitted the stone add-ons to the basket.  I'm sure you can add different add-on of your choice but I think its cute the way it is, especially since the cover is very busy with ants!
Here is a bonus pattern for you today just in case you could not get the link to the picnic basket.

Jelly Jar Basket.  

1/2" Flat and
#2 round dyed
3/8" Flat natural and dyed
1/2" Flat Oval
3/16 Flat
Jelly Jar Handle
11/64" Flat 

From 1/2" Flat natural reed cut 5 pieces at 17" and 7 pieces at 14" mark all piece at center on the rough side and soak in warm water.

Layout all 5 of the 17" horizontally, then take one of the 14" piece and weave vertically, making sure its over the center piece.

weave the remaining 15 piece 3 on each side.

base should be 3-3/4"X 6-3/4".

twine once with #2 dyed reed.

wet and upset stakes.

2 Rows of 1/2" start and stop weave
1 Row of 3/8" dyed reed start and stop weave
2 Rows of 1/2" start and stop weave
1 row of 3/8" natural start and stop weave

pack down cut and tuck but add the eyelet of your jelly jar handle to the basket making sure the eye is centered above the center reed and tuck each side of the eye over the eyelet to hold in place.

Rim with 1/2" flat oval and add seagrass and lash with 11/64" flat.  sign and date!

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