Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet Stuff

Have I mention that I love Target? I go to Target very often just to walk around well, I never leave empty handed but sometimes I go just to see what they have.  One day I walked in and walked by the book section and this little book called Cake Pops available at Amazon or any book store or store that carries books including Target. They are the cutest thing and they are not that hard to make!  So I followed her direction and made some! Cute right?? Not only she has a book she has a blog that she shares her wonderful talent. 
check it out! she has instructions on the web as well so you can make them.  This was my first attempt at making cake pops so I kept it simple and made cupcake shapes.. next I think I will do Easter theme chick or bunny.. not sure yet.. but I wanted to share this sweet sweet treat you can make today and the link to get the recipe and how to!

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