Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is near!

its been sooooo nice for the past couple of days!! Though I hear snow may show its ugly head tomorrow, I know that spring is near!  I just finished a picnic basket (I will share the basket on Thursday!) few post ago I think I said I went to Jo-Ann's fabric and found some cute fabrics for covers and liner and here are the fabrics I chose.

aren't they cute? I don't know which I'll use for a liner and which for cover but they will spruce up any basket! Today I picked the picnic ants because I was making a cover for a picnic basket.. 
 This is what it looks like! cute right?? I had no clue how I was going to make the cover all I had was a picture of a cover that author of the basket where selling at one point but no longer available.

So I measured the basket rims which was 13"X13" so I added couple of inches to it and cut a 1 inch slit to match the handle.

 Make ruffles by cutting  2 pieces of 2.5" strips of 36" 2 piece of 12"then hemmed them and 
sew at the largest stitch and pull the thread to put a gather in them to make a ruffles. 

make 8 ties
then you put it all together and you get a cover. 
I know I'm very vague.. I plan on making another cover later this week so I will get a better photos and better direction and make a simple tutorial about making the cover.  I think they turned out cute but I think I want to make it a little bigger so it hangs over more.  Not too bad for the first one without a plan or a pattern don't you think??

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  1. Oh my! Yes, I think you are simply brilliant! Love the basket cover! Thanks so much for showing us!