Friday, May 6, 2011

Basket Thursday but its Friday!

I had one of those busy week and I was too tired and worn out by the end of the day that there where no way I was going do anything other than be a vegetable.   So here I am on Friday eve posting about one of the basket I completed this week instead of something sweet. I'll post about something sweet later this weekend.  I found this pattern for free as well, isn't the internet great?? When I first started weaving, we had computers but that was mostly for e mail and chat, and back then I thought it was the greatest thing in the world!!  Am I sounding ancient? Enough about good ol' days.  Lets get on with the basket weaving!!

I think this basket  its one of the cutest basket I've ever seen.   The picture on the free pattern page makes the basket look quite tiny but its actually bigger.. here is my basket I finished.
cute right?? anyway you can find the free pattern here at Bases to weave as with any other sites that offers free pattern you can find the supplies on their site.  The flowers you see on them are brads from scrapbook supplies.. any hobby/craft store carries them.. Just don't make the same mistake I made.. I purchased the mini brads thinking the basket was small, had to go back and find the bigger ones.  P.S. you can tell just about how big they are by looking at my hand.   I can't wait to show the girls next week when they come over for weavefest! Surely they'll all go nuts over it!

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