Monday, May 2, 2011

Lost in translation

The other day I was in search for couple of things... 1. alphabet pasta 2. Dr Oetker's clear glaze.  So I decided to go to different market around town.  There's this market near a Asian market I frequent called Swagat or something like that.. don't know what Swagat means but I gave it a try.  It was a Indian market.  I walked around there looking and things I've never seen before.. I came to the snack area and saw several interesting things so I purchased them to try them just because it was interesting.
 This is made by Lay's in India.. its obviously, its potato chips but what I want to know is what is "Magic Masala" ?
 see its just potato chips.. I tried some but it was not a "Magical" experience for me.

Then this one called Kurkur, its saucy tomato flavour....

   looks like cheetos

but apparently its a Naughty Tomatoes
Not sure what the deal with the tomatoes with big lips and the cheetoes like snack as horn is but this also was not my cup of tea.

 Nissin Top Ramen made in India apparently is "Smooth"
 this cookie has a "Fun Center" not sure what's in 
the center since I have not tried them yet but apparently its "Fun"!!

This is coconut flavored cookies you're supposed to eat it while having a nice time or maybe you'll have a nice time eating this??

can you read the fine print? its sugar showered!

see! sugar showered!

I didn't know Tomatoes can be Tricky
and this curry noodle must be really spicy because its Thrillin' Curry!

Every country has a certain flavor that we enjoy and that's the reason why I did not find these Indian snacks too tasty but it was fun finding them and trying them! Oh! I almost forgot! I found the alphabet pasta at a Mexican market and I am still in search of Dr. Oetker's clear glaze!  I may ask World Market to order some since they carry other Dr Oetker's products.

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