Friday, May 20, 2011

no bake coconut cream pie

My little one has been bugging me to make him a coconut cream pie since he saw it on i-cary (one of his favorite shows) The episode is about a pie shop owner passes away, and the gang wants the recipe yatta yatta yatta they find it and all is well.  I've never made coconut cream pie so I looked on the web and found several interesting recipe, some has whipped cream on the top some has meringue on top. But all has tons of ingredients and I really was in a mood for simple quick recipe.. so I kind of winged it and looked in my pantry.. ahh.. I have graham cracker crust, I have vanilla pudding, sweetened coconut shred, milk and whipped topping in a can! made the vanilla pudding with 1/2 cup shredded coconut, pour in the graham cracker crust, in the fridge, once chilled cut a piece out, onto the plate, blasted with a whipped cream and you have quick and easy coconut cream pie.  I know its the real coconut cream pie but its quick its easy and its sort of like a coconut cream pie!

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