Friday, December 30, 2011

basket with trims

I got this pattern from one of my favorite basket supply/designer Suzanne Moore.  She no longer has this pattern on her site but you can pretty much do the same thing with any basket.  I got these "trims" from Hobby Lobby but you can also get them from Jo-Ann's, Hancock Fabric or any other fabric store.  These beads are stitched on a ribbon like fabric which you tacky glue it to the rim row, attach rims and then lash it.  In her pattern she uses waxed cotton thread but I didn't have any on hand and I really wanted to finish it without going to the shop for some waxed threads.  I used 3mm flat oval dyed in denim to tie it in together with the blue beads and the blue weavers on the bottom of the basket.  I think you can use fine fine cane to lash as well but I think dyed 3mm works!  Happy Weaving!

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