Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grocery sack waste basket

for a while now I've been thinking about making a trash basket to fit the plastic grocery sack but I never really got around to coming up with the pattern until now.  I wanted something that the bag handles will be hooked on but didn't want plastic bag handing over the basket so the other night I thought how I would want it to look and came up with this basket.  Its very simple basket and though you could decorate it how ever you like by using dyed weaver, I decided to go with simple 2 racing stripes as a stake and keep it plain.  I did add 4 ball feet to keep it more steady on the carpet.

Here are what I used:

No10 round reed for handle (cut 2 @ 17")
5/8" Flat natural and dyed for stakes (cut 5 Natural at 39" and 7 Natural at 35" and 2 Dyed at 35")
3/8" Flat for filler and weavers (cut 4 at 17")
1/2" Flat Oval for rim
3/16" Flat Oval for lashing
seagrass for rim filler
4 ball knob for feet (1-1/4")

First we make the handle: here is a link to my tutorial to make handles
mark at 4" on each end then mark again about 1/2 inch towards the center , wet well, shape and let dry.  Cut at the mark less than half way !!! don't cut through anymore.. you only want to cut about the thickness of the rim you'll be placing in there!!! make sure the 1/2" Flat oval fits in the cut you made and make sure its deep enough that it catches if not adjust accordingly, set aside.

cut all pieces, mark all at center on the rough side and soak in water.

Lay the 39" stakes horizontally, lay the fillers in between them lining them up at the center line.
take 1 of the 35" stake and weave in vertically on the center line making sure that the stake is placed over the filler and under the stakes.  weave in 4 more stakes in one side and on the other side weave in 1 natural, 2 dyed and 1 natural.

measure the base to be 5"X 11"

cut the filler longways up to the the vertical and chicken scratch each filler.

twine once around with no2 or no3 round.

spray down with water and upstake

29 rows of 3/8" flat flat with last row being rim row.

pack down and straighten the stakes. cut and tuck as you normally do

attach your handle to the short end 1st and the 5th stake

rim with 1/2" flat oval

add seagrass

lash with 3/16" flat oval

glue ball knob to the bottom

add grocery sack! enjoy!!

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