Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Bread Ever!

I found a recipe for bread using heavy cream (I had leftover and wanted to use it) and tweaked it a bit and the result was wonderful so I'm sharing this recipe with you all.  I hope you will try it because It is simply the best bread ever.

you will need a scale to make this bread because like I said before, baking is science and if you don't have the right ratio things just won't turn out perfect all the time. 

depending on your bread machine's size you can double it to make 4 little loaves but here is a recipe for 2 little loaves.  I use Chicago Metallic mini loaf pan (5.75"x3.25"x2.2") which will make a nice little demi loaf.  I'm sure you can put the whole recipe into a traditional pan and get similar results but I can't be sure since I have not yet attempted in making the larger size. 

300gm High Gluten flour (I think its better then bread flour)
25gm granulated sugar
4.5 gm salt
4.5 gm yeast
15 gm unsalted butter
100gm heavy cream
150gm milk

make the dough in your bread machine in dough cycle.  My machine calls for liquid first and dry ending with yeast and butter on top.

once dough is made, put it out on the board cut it into 2 then each dough ball into 3 balls (total of 6 balls)  my dough balls came out to apx 99-100gm each  (299 gm each loaf)

 place 3 balls in the  mini pan.

cover with damp paper towel and let it rise in warm area. 

once it has risen higher than the pan, (I waited too long for this one so its super risen) brush with beaten egg and bake in preheated 350F degree oven for 18-20min until golden brown. 

cool for about 5 min on wire rack then take it out of the pan and cool completely on the rack. (you will be tempted to eat it while its hot, and if you give in and do, it may seem little gummy but it will be perfect soft, fluffy yet chewy once it cools completely. 


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