Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double Curled Easter Basket part 1

Double Curled Easter Basket Part 1
Easter is almost here! so I want to share with you my Easter Basket I made for my kids.  I made the first one about 15 years ago for my oldest son and this one I made for my youngest though he request I make him one with green in it so I will make him a new one as I write this post. 

 1/2" Flat (Natural)
#2 Round (Natural)
1/2" Flat Oval (Natural)
1/4" Flat (Natural)
 Sea Grass (Rim Filler)
1/4" Flat (dyed up to 4 color)
1/2" Flat (dyed up to 2 colors of choice)

with 1/2" flat:
                        cut 11 @  26"
                                1 @ 60" or more

here ends part one.  get your supplies ready and I will continue tomorrow with part 2 making the base!

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