Friday, March 16, 2012

Double Curled Easter Basket Part 3

Sorry I could not get this out sooner!! busy week!!  

weaving the sides

making sure your first row goes over the handle spokes and starting by placing the wet 1/2" flat flat natural reed outside of the basket spokes and use a clothes pin to keep it in place and weave alternating in and out keeping the spokes straight up as possible using many clothes pins as needed to keep it in place.

 Once you reach the starting position overlap the first 4 spokes you woven and cut the reed and hide it behind the spoke.

Sandwiched between the weaver and the spoke.

2nd and 3rd row using 1/2" natural flat flat reed start at a changing the starting point and weave alternately ending the same as the 1st row.
you should have something like this after the 3rd row.

4th row use  1/4" flat flat color A
5th row use 1/2" flat flat natural
6th row use 1/4" flat flat Color B
7th row use 1/2" flat flat natural
8th row use 1/4" flat flat color A
9-11 row use 1/2" flat flat natural
12th row use 3/8" flat flat natural (rim row)

pack down well and straighten the spokes
cut the spokes on the inside of the basket and fold in the outside  spokes making sure you fold as close to the rim row as possible.

When you fold in the spokes you can either eye it or mark the spokes where you want to tuck it in.  In this case it would be the 3rd row from the top.  Don't cut it too short but  make sure it won't stick out past the 3rd row.  Now tuck it in using your tool of your choice. (weaving tool, flat head screw driver, awl)

My favorite tool is the heavy duty packing tool but that's because that's what I've always used from day one and what you are comfortable with is what you should use.  This tool I use is called Heavy Duty Packing tool by weave rite.  I've had  mine for over 15 years and it still works great.  I'm not sure if my tip became thinner from years of use or they make the new ones thicker but the  new ones are not as thin as mine and  I hope that my tool never ever breaks because I really really love  MY tool.
 after its all tucked in, it should look like this what's that one spoke sticking out?? its the handle you should have another one on the other side.

 Oh no! one of my spokes I bent is funky looking!!
 easy fix! just trim it!! yes you should always check your basket and trim things
 Looks much better!


 tuck the one of the handle into inside of the  the opposite side. This is the point you choose how  tall you want the handles to be.   As long as you have the handles tucked in a row or two you can make is as tall as  you want.  You do not need to put the handle all the way in to the  bottom of the basket.

 Now tuck the other one overlapping the handle you just tucked outside of the basket.  Make sure the handles you just tucked in is same height and touching each other.

 measure the handle outside starting at the base of the handle and to the other side and cut 1piece 1/2" flat oval.

measure the inside of the handle starting at the base of the second row to the other side of the base of the second row and cut 1 piece 1/2" flat oval.

 soak well and shave all 4 ends on the oval side to make it easier to slip into the basket. Make sure its shaved gradually and it should go smoothly thick to thinner toward the ends.


tuck the long piece on the outside of the basket on both side.

 tuck the short piece from the 2nd  row inside the basket on the both side, making sure you have the oval side out sandwiching the flat flat handle piece you previously tucked

we'll wrap the handle next time!
Please feel free to leave me a comment if you need further instructions, info or just want to leave me a comment.

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