Friday, March 2, 2012


need a quick dessert to impress your dinner guest? all you need is frozen puff pastry sheet, some berries, quick custard, and some whipped cream. 

first take your frozen puff pastry sheet out of the freezer and thaw on your counter.

make quick custard:

2 egg  yolks
40gm sugar
20gm flour
180ml milk
1/2tsp vanilla
1tbsp butter

In a microwaveable bowl whisk the yolks and sugar together, add flour and continue to whisk until combined and no lumps.  add milk little at a time and whisk until the milk is all incorporated and there is no lumps.

microwave uncovered for a min and a half on high, take it out and mix well, put it back in the microwave uncovered for another min.  take it out and mix, check the custard and if its still too soft, microwave for another 30 sec.   Take it out and mix again then add butter and vanilla, mix well. put the plastic on top of the custard to keep the custard from forming skin. set aside to cool.

take the thawed puss pastry, open it up and cut it in three strips.  bake in oven 400F for 15mins or until golden brown.   Take it out and cool.  split the sheet into half. 

wash and slice strawberries

whip 1-2 cups of heavy whipping cream with some sugar (to your taste) and whip it if you want to keep your whipped cream stable. (1pack per  1 cup of cream)

you can either make the napoleon in long strips or cut to size before putting it together.  I cut mine because I wanted to serve right away. 

either way you take the bottom layer of puff pastry, spread some custard on it, put another  layer of pastry on the custard, put some whipped cream on there, then strawberry then little more whipped cream to keep the  strawberries from moving, then top it off with the top layer, sprinkle some powdered sugar and  serve to you family and guest.  Quick and easy and tasty!

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