Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decorating with Heart

I don't remember if I mentioned about the "heart" decoration on  baskets but I think this is one of the cutest decoration you can put on your basket. If you are a seasoned basket weaver you may know how to do this but for those of you who have not learned to make these here is a tutorial for you.

first you need a basket  that has a 2 or more rounds of 1/2" or wider reed between a 1/4" weaver.  This can be a simple round basket or a waste basket like the one I made here.

wet your no3 reed, wipe it off real good!! or it will bleed!!  put one end in the 1/4" weaver like the picture.  before crimping with a needle nose pliers, move the reed around to decide how big you want your hearts to be.  When you decide, crimp the point of the heart and fold to make a point of the heart.
put the free end through the same space as the other end

Pull it through, one heart made!
try to make all the heart about the same size!

We start again, next available 1/4" space

Pull it through, find the place you want to make a point, crimp.

pull the free end under the loop connecting to the previous heart and back down the 1/4" weaver.

pull through and continue making hearts when you make the last heart, you'll need to cut the No3 reed when you reach the starting end. tuck under it as it is connected  and if you want to use insta-cure glue just to make sure it is there for good feel free to use it. 

isn't it the cutest wastebasket ever??

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  1. Beautiful basket and great tutorial. it is so hard to keep red reed from bleeding onto the natural. Your's looks great!