Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Thursday everyone! I had a full house today! 13 gals not including me weaving at my house!!  granted some left early, some came later but I got to say it was a full house with lots of laughter, chatting and snacking!  
I'm going to share a basket designed and shared by Nancy at Basketmaster's Weaving. She don't know this but she actually got me weaving again after a long break while I was living in Hawaii and California.  I am soooo glad I stumbled onto her website which got me motivated to start  weaving again.  Thanks Nancy!  anyway this basket is called the Kitchen Counter Basket but I should actually call it Cat Basket.  My cat loves this basket!! I normally use this to store my dry towels for my basket group but my kitty Hammy likes to borrow it while my towels are in the wash.   I like this basket because of the angle which make it perfect to store the towels. FYI: Nancy not only has several instruction on making basket,  she also have a video that you can watch on her website!

Yes Hammy is little too big for this basket but he don't care, he'll make himself sort of fit in.

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  1. Awwww....I love Hammy in your "cat" basket!
    Thanks for the kind words and I wish I could have been with your fun group of girls weaving with you. There is nothing better than weaving with friends.