Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Know I said I was going to show you how to make the spiral decoration but I'm not able to do it today because I don't have a tutorial quite ready.  My life has been altered a bit by my dear husband who still thinks he is a spring chicken and he has not been one for quite some time.  I don't know if he is in denial but he keeps doing things that he pays for at the end.  Well this time I am paying for it by being his driver and a gopher.  Yup he hurt his back again.. he has had surgery on his back so you'd think he'd knows better but he really can't slow down so here I am sharing another basket I made using spiral decoration.   This has a 4" base so its not that big but its really cute and everyone loves it mostly because of the cute cute handle.  I got the handle from a shop in Greenfield, Indiana her website is She has online catalog but I have not been able to find these listed on there so it maybe best to call her if you can't find one you like.

3/8” Flat (spokes) cut 6 piece @ 14” on the rough side, mark all at center, and on 3 spokes mark 1” on each side of the center line.
#2 Rd (twine)
11/64” Flat oval (weaver)
3/8” flat Orange (weaver)
#2 Rd Black (twine and decorative rounds)
1/4" Flat (Rim row)       
3/8”  Flat oval (Rim)
Fine fine  cane (lasher)
4” bean pot wire handle and 2 wire eyelet.
1.      Take 3 of the spokes with 3 marks and lay them matching the center line and evenly spacing them out.
2.      Take #2 round and twine  3 round then add 3 more  spokes and twine until the base is 4”

3.      Wet and upset spokes.

4.      Weave the sides
5 rounds of 11/64” flat oval
           1 round 3/8” Flat Orange                                         
           3 rounds of black #2 round. (not twine but weave using 1 strands each start and stop)
           1 round of 3/8” Flat  Orange
           5 round of 11/64” flat oval
           1 round of 1/4” flat
5.      Rim with 3/8” Flat Oval, add the eyelet and handle, seagrass and double lash with fine fine cane.

6.      Take soaked black #2 round , taper the end and circle on the every other stake that is outside of the orange.  Twirl, 4 rounds,  then to the every other spokes and continue the pattern. If you need to add a new #2 repeat the start and take the end of the last circle and hide it behind the next circle made.


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