Friday, April 1, 2011

For the Love of Cream Puffs

I LOVE with all capital letters LOVE cream puffs!  unless you know of a good pastry bakery you won't find a good cream puffs to purchase, I have been disappointed many a time so I started making my own just because it tastes so much better.  Two keys to successful cream puffs are 1. the choux pastry and 2. the cream.  if you have both good recipe you'll surely have a successful cream puff.  In American bakery, you'll mostly find whipped cream filling (yeek) In my opinion the cream should be either custard cream or custard cream with whipped cream. Never ever ever ever ever the whipped cream alone! That is my opinion and if you love whipped cream feel free to have it that way.  One day I was looking for recipes to try and I came across a link to free e-book for "Perfect Cream Puff"  I got my free e-book with no strings attached! I promised her that I would not give away the recipe but I will give you the link to get the FREE e-book, all you need to do is go to this link sign up for it and she'll e mail it to you! no strings attached!!  Here is her youtube tutorial on cream puffs! its easier to understand the process when you see it on video!! but for the recipe you'll need to go to the site and ask for it.

 and another freebie from her Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe e-book just click and the link, you'll get the pdf and you can simply print it out for your personal use.  Both e-books are totally free and has no strings attached! so Don't be afraid to get it!

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