Friday, April 1, 2011

Round and Round

Today I'm going to share a simple round basket that I made 15 years ago when I first started weaving, but I have modified it since to make things little easier like using a stapler!! what??? I've never thought about using a stapler but some of the patterns I've gotten called for a stapler which makes things a little easier on basket such as these..
1/2" Flat (spokes and weaver)
3/8" Flat (rim row)
#2 Round (twine)
#2 Round dyed (spiral and rim filler)
1/2" Flat Oval (Rim)
1/4" Flat dyed (weaver)
Fine fine cane (Lasher)

Cut 1/2" flat 9 @ 19", mark center and 1-3/4" on each side of the center line on the rough side and soak.

Lay all 9 spokes matching at the center mark, lay out 5 and lay 4 on top of the the 5 making sure the it is spaced evenly.

Twine using #2 round starting at the 1-3/4" mark, continue twining until the base is about 9" wide.

wet, upset spokes.

using 2 pieces of #2 round twine continuously for 6 rounds.

1 round of 1/2" flat

1 round of 1/4" flat dyed

1 round of 1/2" flat

6 rounds of #2 round twine continuously.

1 round of 3/8" flat rim row

rim with 1/2" flat oval
use a dyed #2 round as a rim filler, lash with fine fine cane.

Decorate with spiral decoration.

I will post a spiral decoration and heart decoration tutorial next week!! 

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