Monday, February 7, 2011

Advanced Quilling

 Last week I posted the basic Quilling pictures and here are some of the advanced version.  If you can do the basic, you can do the advanced, its not that much harder, its little more time consuming but I think they are much much prettier.  This one to the right I made for my mother in-law's mother's day present last year.   I found a book called The Art of Paper Quilling by Clair Sun-Ok Choi a must have if you love quilling! beautiful designs and inspiration!! Love it!! only thing you need to be aware of is she uses quilling paper that are cut different (10 5/8inch)  the average American ones which I think are 24inches so when she says half a strip you still need to measure them and cut accordingly.
On the left is from a 3D kit from the Lake City Craft Co. called Patio Plants.  Comes with paper and instruction for 20 miniature 3D plants.  its hard to see because of the flash but they are all 3D and all made out of paper.  Glue it into a shadow box and its done!  I hope they inspire you to try quilling!

Hyacinth and cactus aren't they cute?
Planter is also made out of paper


  1. Your baskets are beautiful! The quilling project is so fun.
    Thank you for sharing!