Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nylon Flowers

Several months ago I was net surfing and found this beautiful flower instruction click here I've wanted to order the starter kit but with all the craft I've been involved with I put it out of my mind telling myself I didn't need to start anything else!  well, several months later I found myself ordering the kit and it arrived!! I got the tulip starter kit, comes with these rings to size the wire. 3 kinds of nylon, 2 kinds of wires for leaves and petals, stem wire, stamens, and magic nylon thread.  All you need is your own small pliers and scissors.

 Wrap the wire around the sizing ring, twist with a pliers, cut, then, re-shape the wire.

cover it up with nylon, wrap it with magic nylon thread.  why do I call it magic? because you don't tie it.. it stays put like magic!

Now put the stamen together just following the instruction

 Put it all together then tape it with yellow tape, then bend it back up and shape it to make it look like a real tulip!
*instruction said to use a straw over the stem wire and then tape with light green floral tape but I didn't have a straw so these sets ended up with skinny stems.

make the leaf like you did the petals following the direction for size and attach it to the tulip.  I'm having difficulty putting the nylon on the leaf wire but I'm sure more I do easier it will get!  Can't wait to try more!

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