Tuesday, February 22, 2011

paper tole

Its not very popular in US but I also like to do this craft called Paper tole or in Japan they call them shadow box.   Its really hard to get it on picture but can you see it?  you need to get several copies of same art print.  This one I think I used 7 same print, you start off by gluing on to a mat board, then you start cutting trees and its leaves off the extra papers and start gluing using silicone glue and build it up starting with things that's farthest to the closest thing.  I get my supplies from paper tole usa great shop with lots of art print at very affordable prices.  Some prints if you buy X amount or more will include their numbered instruction.  Once you try several different projects  you won't need instructions or you can add to their instruction to make it more detailed.   First project should be something simple and not as detailed like the Peter Rabbit series.  If someone is interested in a tutorial let me know!                                                                    

This is one of my favorite print.  its by Sue Dreamer barnyard kids series.  I've made other ones by her and gave them as a gift.

basically, you cam make them as detailed as you want.  More detail it is the better it would be but its all up to you how detail you want to make it.
Here is a very detailed print I did for my mother in-law's 70th birthday present.  I don't have a good picture to do it justice but the horse and buggy is cut out in several layers.

I have others I recently finished but have not framed it yet so once its done I will try to take a good picture and post them..


  1. That's really neat! I remember doing something like that when I was a kid (SO very long ago!) It's something you don't see much anymore, but I really like it! Your work is beautiful! :)

  2. Hi, I do the same craft in New Zealand, but I use original art works and calendars so I get the pictures I want. It originated in England in Elizabethan days with metal worked into table tops. Then turned to decopage in fabrics and layers pictures. Good website for pictures is Cheers Sharon