Thursday, February 24, 2011

Swing Your Partner

No I'm not going square dancing! I want to share this cute cute cute basket I just finished the other day called "Swing Your Partner" and I can't wait until spring when my local farmer's market starts and I'm going to take this basket to get me some goodies! I got the free pattern from Basket maker's catalog you can get everything you need from there.  I did do the spirals after the basket was finished, though the instruction said to do it while you are weaving it.  It was just not working out for me so I finished my basket and then did the spirals.  this basket uses smoked reed instead of dyed.. it was my very first project with smoked reed.. love the color but not a big fan of smoked round reeds.  The no 2 smoked reeds are very brittle and it breaks easily so you may want to spray them before getting them out of the coil then soak them well before making the spirals.  Also the basket handle are special handles and I've only found them at 2 net shops.  Most shops do not carry them so do order the right handles.  I suppose you can change the handles but I do love the look of the basket with this handle! 

Psssst  My husband had to take his car into the shop tomorrow because his heater died so he took the day off tomorrow.  He'll be taking the boy to the school field trip and I will be home alone with my apron and my oven!  I will be making something super yummy and posting sweets for Friday to celebrate my 200 viewer! last time I checked I had 198 viewer, so surely by tomorrow I will hit 200!! though I only have 2 followers there have been lots of viewers from around the world! I appreciate every one of you who take the time to stop by and visit! Thank you everyone! please come back often and if you feel like it follow me on Google friend connect!

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  1. That turned out very pretty...I love it! Good tip for working with smoked round reed! Looking forward to the sweets! :)