Thursday, February 10, 2011


 Today's basket I want to share is called
Snowflake. I think she called it "Snowflake" because she put a  ceramic snowflake tie on the basket.  I opted not to because that way this basket can be used year round.  Though maybe It won't hurt to have some kind of decorative tie on or something...  This has a wood base and ceramic handle with wire.  I still haven't figured out what I'm going to use this for but its just so cute just sitting there isn't it? I'm making another one right now with green for my sister.  Not sure if she liked green but I had green dyed reed on hand and a green handle so that's what shes going to get.

Oh I almost forgot here is a link to get the free pattern and a link to a web site to the designer and she'll be at the Stateline Friends Weaving Retreat in Richmond, Indiana in April as a vendor!  I wish I was going to the retreat!! I tried to register but I was too late!!  I'm going to try to attend next year! crossing my finger that hubby won't have any problem with me being gone for couple of days!

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