Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!  Though today is not Thursday, I want to share with you my Triple Heart Nesting Basket because it is Valentines day so I think its very fitting to share this basket today.  I think I will share the pattern in two parts though..  part one today and part two on Thursday so make sure you bookmark or follow me so you won't miss the 2nd part of the pattern.

for all three basket you'll need 1/2"flat, 1/4" flat, 3/8" flat, and no2 round natural and dyed.

cut: Sml 6@13-1/12" & 6@11-1/2"
      Med 8@16" & 8@12-1/2
      LG 10@19" & 10@14-1/2"

Mark all spokes at half on the wrong side and soak them in warm water

lay half of the long stake vertically (Sml-3, Med-4, Large-5) then lay half of the short stakes on the right side of the long stakes align them at the bottom like the picture.

Take one of the long stakes and start weaving over and under with the remaining stakes.  Place the first one just below the pencil marks on the long side.  Pencil mark on the short side is not important right now.

Weave rest of the long stakes

 weave the short stakes above the long stakes like the picture align them on the left side and only weaving in on the long stakes and leaving the short ones unwoven (it may sound like crazy talk but believe me it'll be ok!)

measure the base and make sure they are
Lg: 9"X9"
Med: 7"X7"
Sml: 5"X5"
We'll stop here for today! I will post the second

 take 1 piece of no2 round and twine the base once.
twine only the woven part.  when you are done you should have twined a outline of capital L like shape.

finish off by tucking the reed  in like the picture.
when you are done with the base they should look like these.  I will stop here for part one! come back Thursday for part 2! so bookmark or better yet follow me! 

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