Friday, February 11, 2011

Daifuku Mochi

Well, its Friday and its time for sweets for Friday! and since its Japanese sweet, I'm also tagging this as Ethnic Food Recipe.  Mochi is Japanese rice cake, I know when you hear "rice cake" you think of the round light disc but this is nothing like it.  Traditional Mochi is made by steaming and pounding the rice into a sticky gummy substance.  This one is made from Mochiko a sweet rice powder. (please don't ask me how they make Mochiko because I don't know how they make the stuff)

So here are tings that you'll need!

a Silicone tube cake pan.  It needs to be a silicone or microwave safe tube pan
1 1/2 cup Mochiko or sweet rice powder
1 pack or can Aduki Bean paste 
Potato Starch to dust
1 1/2 cup water
1 Cup water

(all items can be found at your local Asian market!)

In a bowl, add mochiko
add sugar
add water
mix well until there is no lump

Once there is no lump pour it into the silicon pan (need to be a tube pan so it cooks evenly)

Microwave for 6-7 mins
depending on your microwave.  mine is done in 6 mins.

  while the mochi is cooking, dust the chopping board

roll your adzuki bean past into a ball or use a cookie scoop to scoop it out.

should be about this size.. (I do have big hands)
when its done it looks like this white and dull, no wetness at all but very soft!
take a plastic knife and knife the outer rim and inner rim to make sure when you flip it it'll come off easily.

flip it onto the                                               

 its hot so be very careful! but you must work while its hot!!
carefully cut into 16 piece using the plastic knife.
(don't know why but the plastic knife works the best on them)

take a hot piece of mochi and flatten it out the outer edges. try not to squish the center of the mochi because you'll be stretching the mochi next and if you have a flat mochi to start with you may pull a hole in it.
add the ball of Adzuki bean paste.

pinch the corners

pinch the other corners then pinch to seal the rest. 

roll it  and its done! 

** work fast while its hot because it will get little more stiff and not as pliable once it cools!!

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